New Heights Ned Crane Experience


Some of you’ve asked to know more about New Heights Ned, the mascot promoting our mobile crane insurance and riggers insurance.


As you may have guessed from Ned’s introduction, Ned is an oldtimer and veteran crane operator. He’s working with New Heights Insurance during his retirement. He’s a pretty humble guy, but he’s happy to share a bit of his backstory.


New Heights Ned is a bit cagey about his actual age. Still, he did tell us that he started working in the industry as a rigger, and this is why he’s so comfortable publicizing rigger’s insurance coverage options.


“I worked with cranes from the ground for a couple of years before I did the training to get up into the seat myself,” explains New Heights Ned. “It was a good experience, and I learned even more by offering to help the crane operator with inspections and routine maintenance.”


Before long, New Heights Ned says he worked his way to crane operator and had his hands on the sticks for many years. He’s worked all over the United States, from Arizona to Alaska and everywhere in between.


“I miss being in the cab of a crane.” shares New Heights Ned. “My new mission is to get to know as many mobile crane operators as I can and see the rest of the United States in the process.”


His best piece of advice for young mobile crane operators? “Don’t forget your hearing protection. You’ll thank me later.”


New Heights Ned is no longer busy with lifts, unloading trucks, or moving equipment or materials around a construction site, and he’s glad to accompany other crane operators, and riggers build homes, put up windmills, and lift yacht engines safely.


“Put me to work!” Ned says. “I’ve partnered with New Heights Insurance because they know the mobile crane industry and how to make sure that riggers, crane operators, and all their vehicles have the best mobile crane and riggers insurance coverage options available.”


Reach out to Ned’s team for a quote today. You can contact the New Heights Insurance Solutions team, a leading provider offering specialized insurance coverage to the crane industry.