Ned Wants to Buy You Lunch

We’ve added someone to our team at New Heights Insurance Solutions! We’re excited to introduce you to New Heights Ned, our new mascot. Now that he’s here, you can expect to see New Heights, Ned, around online and wherever crane rental operators, steel erectors, and millwright operations use our insurance solutions.

Don’t let his big smile and blue fur fool you! Check out his button: New Heights Ned is a Certified Bad Ass Crane Operator. And he’s here to serve our clients.

Just like us, Ned is passionate about serving the crane industry with coverage from the best A-rated carriers. Under that burly blue exterior, New Heights Ned is a pretty friendly fella. He’s spent too much time in the office and would like to get back out on the job site, ideally, on a crane. Don’t worry he doesn’t have a fear of heights.

New Heights Ned

Print Ned and snap a photo of him on your job site, then send pictures to Ned’s assistant Megan. Be sure to include a couple of exciting details about your project. We want to know where you are and what you’re doing.

Sending images to us means you agree to our contest’s terms and give us the right to use your photo to share Ned’s adventures. We’ll add New Heights Ned to job site images as they’re submitted to us and share them on our social media. Follow us on Instagram, Linkedin, and Facebook to follow New Heights Ned adventures.

To sweeten the deal, New Heights Ned’s got a little incentive for you: He’ll buy five of your lunch. The senders of the five most popular job site images (collectively the most “favorites” and “likes” on Instagram, Linkedin, and Facebook) will receive a $20 gift card to their choice of either Subway Restaurants or Jimmy Johns.

Once your job site post is up on our socials, you can “like” it and share it on any social platform to improve your chances of scoring lunch on New Heights Ned.

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