Oversights of Riggers Insurance Coverage

In the construction industry, one of the most specific trades is arguably the rigger. There are particular risks that only someone specialized in riggers insurance coverage will understand. Unfortunately, this leads to oversights that leave crane riggers with gaps in insurance coverage.


An experienced rigger is highly skilled at securing, balancing, and moving heavy loads on a crane. Is it a sling, shackle, choker, or winch? Knowing how to find the center of gravity for the load and which equipment will be best for getting the job done is critical to the job’s success.


What about the job site? The rigger has to be aware of all the other workers, occupational health and safety regulations, environmental risks, and challenges related to the job itself, like maneuvering safely through a confined space or past power lines.


When things go wrong with cranes and suspended loads, they can go really wrong fast. Unfortunately, this is when some riggers find out there are significant oversights in their riggers insurance. Here are some issues that arise.


Not enough coverage. Crane-related accidents on construction sites can be costly. The cost of crane components alone is high.


Overlooking the potential for collateral damage and personal injury. It’s not unusual for the collateral damages sustained during a crane accident to end up higher than the cost of damage to equipment. What’s your insurer going to offer concerning mitigation and subrogation? The right riggers insurance will protect you from unnecessary risk exposure.


Missed opportunities for savings. Hearing after the fact that it’s possible to bundle other vehicles with the crane insurance is too late when it matters. If you don’t know the questions to ask, some insurers aren’t knowledgeable enough to offer information in advance. Similarly, certain kinds of certification or training can lower the costs of premiums.


Expertise in handling third parties. When there’s a crane accident, it’s not long before there’s a crowd of spectators, media, and possibly, plaintiff attorneys, repair and restoration specialists, and OSHA investigators. Who’s got the riggers’ back? You want an insurer that doesn’t just process a claim but manages your claim to mitigate your exposure. The job requires a significant understanding of what crane riggers do and expertise regarding the crane industry – and knowing how to push back against crane manufacturers and distributors who flex proprietary control over crane accidents and try to send easy repairs to salvage. You need someone looking out for your best interest.


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