Avoid Delays and Costs Due to Crane Accidents & Damage

Mobile Crane Safety - Avoid Accidents

Delays and costs due to crane damage can be destructive to businesses. Heavier loads also make training and following safety practices critical. The pressure to get the job done must be balanced with the need to protect people and property. Otherwise, the results can be devastating.   According to health and safety research, the top […]

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Crane Operators Get High Tech Training

Gone are the days of exclusively learning on the job: Crane operator (rigging) training has become more rigorous and high-tech, reflecting the profession’s high standards. As specialists in the crane operator insurance industry, we follow the latest news very closely. ┬áVirtual reality has revolutionized crane operator training. CIS partnered with CM Labs Simulations to add […]

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Construction Trends – From Office to Home

The Coronavirus pandemic has swept across the US, affecting many businesses. As insurance providers for the construction industry, including crane operators, millwrights, and steel erectors, we have witnessed how it has impacted construction. Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (ACE) professionals have faced an onslaught of challenges in the last few months, including: More than 600,000 layoffs […]

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Reducing Crane Accidents

crane work site

To err is human.   According to the Crane Inspection and Certification Bureau, 90% of all crane accidents in the US are the result of human error. In addition to carrying crane operator insurance, crane operators must strive to improve safety. The Bureau of Labor Statistics records data on crane accidents. The most recent data […]

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What Does Riggers Liability Cover?


  Riggers liability is insurance for the rigger that covers the value of the equipment on the hook that does not belong to the rigger.   For example, you are lifting a piano into the upper floor of a low-rise building. In this situation, standard general liability insurance will likely cover damage or injury that […]

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