Ned Wants to Buy You Lunch

We’ve added someone to our team at New Heights Insurance Solutions! We’re excited to introduce you to New Heights Ned, our new mascot. Now that he’s here, you can expect to see New Heights, Ned, around online and wherever crane rental operators, steel erectors, and millwright operations use our insurance solutions. Don’t let his big […]

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Executive Order Protecting Worker Safety – Message to Crane Operators

Executive Order Notice to Crane Industry

On January 21st, President Biden issued an “Executive order on Protecting Worker Health and Safety.” OSHA is required to revise guidance to employers for providing workplace safety during the COVID-19 pandemic within two weeks.  The goal is to protect workers from contracting COVID-19. Mask-wearing mandates, state and local government partnerships, increased enforcement of worker health […]

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Crane Operator Safety Helps Profits

Safety a Solid Investment - mobile crane and hook

There’s always pressure in the construction industry to get projects done on time and under budget. Some businesses might try to find ways to cut corners to maximize profit margins. The one area that you don’t want to skimp on is crane safety training. Hiring trained crane operators (full operator certification if they’re operating equipment with […]

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Crane Insurance Coverage Components

Crane Insurance Coverage options general property automobile riggers inland theft physical

If you’re looking for crane insurance coverage, there are key components that you will find available.   Whether you are operating a crane for a specific application (say for a manufacturer or industrial area – or maybe at the port to lift shipping containers) or for the construction industry, statistically, cranes complete challenging tasks and […]

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Avoid Delays and Costs Due to Crane Accidents & Damage

Mobile Crane Safety - Avoid Accidents

Delays and costs due to crane damage can be destructive to businesses. Heavier loads also make training and following safety practices critical. The pressure to get the job done must be balanced with the need to protect people and property. Otherwise, the results can be devastating.   According to health and safety research, the top […]

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Crane Operators Get High Tech Training

Gone are the days of exclusively learning on the job: Crane operator (rigging) training has become more rigorous and high-tech, reflecting the profession’s high standards. As specialists in the crane operator insurance industry, we follow the latest news very closely.  Virtual reality has revolutionized crane operator training. CIS partnered with CM Labs Simulations to add […]

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