Is 2021 the Year to Grow Your Mobile Crane Business?

The worldwide pandemic is still a concern after a full year of international efforts to curtail the virus. Is 2021 a good year to grow a business?

Yes! If you own a mobile crane rental company or utilize your fleet of cranes, 2021 is a great year to grow your business. We’re noticing an increased demand for mobile cranes insurance due to an increase in construction projects.

While Covid-19 has hit some industries hard, construction is now on the upswing. Residential construction is booming—many people are improving their residential living situations.

Now that more employees work remotely, they’re able to live farther from city centers in places where their real estate dollar gets them much more for square footage and lifestyle appeal. Many Americans are taking advantage of flexible remote workplaces and low-interest rates to move into homes in more rural areas. They’re also adding private pools, renovating, and adding additions to existing homes. Some people are adding income-building additions to their properties, like coach houses or rental suites.

The increased demands for residential construction is an excellent opportunity for your mobile crane business. Not sure where to start? As you plan to expand, make sure that you have adequate mobile crane insurance coverage put in place for you by a specialist who knows the industry and can help you identify liability exposure and maximize savings opportunities. Familiarize yourself with the critical components of crane insurance coverage. Finding an insurer that understands the specialized needs of the crane industry is a meaningful way to ensure that you are well protected.

Want a complimentary review of your mobile crane insurance needs? Contact our mobile crane insurance specialists to talk about the best insurance solutions available from top-rated carriers. We also have expertise in specialty construction, such as steel and millwright insurance.


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