Wind Energy Creates Demand for Mobile Crane Operators

As mobile crane insurance specialists, we’ve noticed that wind energy has created new sustainable jobs for crane operators.

Most people think of construction sites, shipping docks, and railways when they think of crane operators, but there are growing opportunities in renewable resources like inshore and offshore wind energy.

It makes sense, with more than 10 percent of careers in the wind energy sector falling under manufacturing and another roughly 5 percent repairs and maintenance. Crane operators are essential in moving those big turbines and other components.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasted in 2014 that crane operator jobs would increase nearly 10 percent by 2024. Significantly higher job creation than the national average for other highly skilled career paths.

Most crane operators will earn certification through training and apprenticeships. Depending on the state, requirements for certification vary. Typically, there is a state-issued license for those who pass written and practical exams. The National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators offers certification exams at various locations.

For those crane operators who work in the wind sector, there is also global certification. Approximately 10 percent of worldwide crane operators are trained to Global Wind Organization (GWO) standards. Their training includes first aid, working at heights, fire safety, and sea survival for offshore wind crane operators who might fall into the water.

Mobile crane insurance specialists will tell you that certification and safety training is a benefit when you’re looking for competitive rates for comprehensive liability.

It’s a growing sector with good salary prospects. In America, wind farms are most common on the sweeping prairies of the Midwest or along the coasts. The state that currently produces the most energy from wind is Texas. Some industry experts predict employment will grow nearly 60 percent from now to 2028, and salaries for crane operators in wind energy tend to be competitive.

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