What Does Riggers Liability Cover?


Riggers liability is insurance for the rigger that covers the value of the equipment on the hook that does not belong to the rigger.


For example, you are lifting a piano into the upper floor of a low-rise building. In this situation, standard general liability insurance will likely cover damage or injury that results from the impact of the piano but not the piano itself. Likewise, if you are moving a large generator for a manufacturer and it is damaged, the customer’s equipment will not be covered by your crane operators’ general liability insurance, and you could be liable for hundreds or thousands of dollars.


When exactly does the riggers liability insurance apply to the property?

When the property that you do not own is under your control, being lifted, on the hook or installed.


Do you purchase it for specific projects or as part of your annual insurance coverage?

Riggers liability may be purchased for a single project or cover the crane riggers activities for the year.


Is riggers liability insurance necessary?

It depends.


If you are operating a crane on the job and all the materials you lift belong to you, then your general liability crane insurance may be adequate.


An installation floater may also be an alternative if you are working as a rigger in addition to filling other contracting roles, and the equipment and materials you are moving are part of that project. Installation floater coverage is for a single process or phase of construction (like plumbing). In contrast, riggers liability coverage is specific to covering a crane operator who is lifting or moving or setting in place property that belongs to someone else.


Is riggers liability part of another policy?

It can be included in an inland marine policy or added as an endorsement to general liability.


What if I’m moving machinery that’s value exceeds my riggers liability coverage?

Clients may require you to meet specific riggers liability coverages before moving a piece of equipment. If your current riggers liability limit is less than the value of the machinery, you can get an endorsement for that project to cover the additional amount of the machinery. This extra cost is frequently passed to the client as part of the project cost.


Inadequate crane riggers liability coverage could leave you suddenly liable for hundreds of thousands in damaged property.  Contact our crane and riggers liability insurance specialists to review your existing coverage and figure out what will best protect you and your business.