Questions for Your Crane Operator

When working with mobile cranes, clear communication with your crane operator about the work and the job site will ensure that safety is the priority.

After you discuss the job required of the crane operator, here are some essential follow-up questions:

Do you have any further questions about what this job site requires? Ensure that the crane operator understands the scope of the work and specifics like the location of the loads concerning the crane’s position. Cover the type of lifting, the number of lifts, and the duration of loads that may be suspended.

What is your assessment of the work conditions on this job site? A well-trained and experienced crane operator will know what to look for in the environment. They will assess the ground conditions and raise concerns if the terrain is uneven, muddy, or has a steep incline. Other factors that will be of concern include wind conditions, power lines, and any other obstacles that could pose a risk or challenge. A qualified crane operator will be watchful of potential hazards and ready to troubleshoot challenges.

What factors might affect the operation of the crane? Before any job, discuss the weights and loads involved in the work. An experienced crane operator understands the crane’s structure and its power and hydraulic systems in relation to the load-carrying capacity. Establishing the parameters is crucial, so the crane isn’t overloaded.

Hiring experienced, and well-trained crane operators are critical. Look for employees that regard ongoing maintenance and onsite safety as a method to help guard against crane-related accidents. OSHA stresses that proper training reduces accidents and risks. For this reason, their requirement is for documented, continuous training. Formal training will provide adequate documentation regarding its completion. For example, some companies require drivers and crane operators to complete regular training on a mobile device.

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