If your business ships or transports mobile cranes and other construction equipment over land, ask about our inland marine insurance coverage for Crane Rental Operators, Steel Erectors, and Millwright Operations. The term inland marine insurance coverage is misleading as it is unrelated to boats. Instead, inland marine insurance coverage protects businesses from losses associated with damage or theft when they transport cranes over land by train, truck, or trailer. It may also provide coverage for times equipment is stored or warehoused by a third party.

Our inland marine insurance coverage offers replacement costs for cranes ten years old or newer and Actual Cash Value for anything older than a decade. Additionally:

  • Added enhancement coverages are included.
  • “All risk” includes flooding and earthquakes.
  • There is no exclusion for overloads or boom collapse.

Inland marine insurance offers protection for situations often excluded from basic property insurance coverage.

Contact our knowledgeable insurance specialists at New Heights Insurance Solutions to determine whether it is wise for your business to get inland marine insurance coverage.