Filing a Mobile Crane Insurance Claim Effectively

When something happens on a job site, and you need to file a claim through your mobile crane insurance, riggers liability, steel erector, or millwright insurance, we are here to help. Here are some tips to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible.

Maybe someone has been injured after a load missed the mark or a crane rolled. Or, perhaps the crane took out some power lines, or the crane operator misjudged and hit a building. Injury or property damage may have even occurred when the crane was transported to a work site or while it was in operation. You undoubtedly have a lot on your mind and want to have your insurance claim filed quickly and accurately the first time. Here are some items to pay attention to when filing your claim.

Crane Insurance Claim Filing Guidance:

Create a file for this incident. The more complete and accurate your documentation is, the better—document what happened as soon as possible because details will fade. Make records of everything – date, time, a quick overview of what occurred, who was involved, who witnessed it, and what happened immediately following (i.e., contacting 911). Include photos or video of the incident or the site after the incident as applicable. Have your insurance policy number ready to give to agents when you call about your claim.

Read over your mobile crane insurance policy. Is there anything that is unclear? Do you have questions related to your coverage? Jot them down, so you’re ready to ask when you talk with your insurance provider. You might want to include:

Is this incident covered under my current policy?

If there is coverage, what is my deductible?

Is there a time limit for me to file a claim for this?

What support will I have if there is a lawsuit because of this incident?

Be prepared financially. Be prepared to have funds ready to pay the deductible promptly.

Contact your mobile crane insurance provider as soon as possible. Some people think they should wait until they have to pay to replace equipment or have been served with a notice that they will be sued. Not true! Be proactive and initiate the claim as soon as possible.

Add a communication log to your file for this incident. Carefully record every communication related to this claim, including verbal, written, text, or email. Make sure to jot down the date, time, and details (who you communicated with, what method, and what was discussed). Include copies of letters, forms, emails, and screenshots of text messages.

Have you reviewed your mobile crane insurance coverage recently? You don’t want to be surprised to find that there are unexpected gaps in your crane insurance coverage or that you have unexpected limits or deductibles. Start the new year out right with a review of your mobile crane insurance, steel erectors, or millwork insurance so that you can rest assured that if there is a mistake, you have support and financial protection. Contact us at New Heights Insurance Solutions to discuss today.