Executive Order Protecting Worker Safety – Message to Crane Operators

On January 21st, President Biden issued an “Executive order on Protecting Worker Health and Safety.” OSHA is required to revise guidance to employers for providing workplace safety during the COVID-19 pandemic within two weeks. 

The goal is to protect workers from contracting COVID-19. Mask-wearing mandates, state and local government partnerships, increased enforcement of worker health and safety requirements, and additional resources to help employers meet guidelines are all expected to be part of the initiatives.

To comply, employers should familiarize themselves with the updated guidelines as OSHA makes them available. The CDC has published a resource to help answer your questions. The toolkit contains important points, frequently asked questions, and facts about COVID-19 vaccines, a COVID-19 vaccine slide deck, and other resources. You can find the toolkit here.“COVID-19 Vaccine Communication Toolkit for Essential Workers: Getting Started” 

Thank you for choosing New Heights Insurance. Enduring COVID-19 related challenges together has made us appreciate your partnership more than ever. We are impressed by your resilience and adaptivity and are thankful for your patience as we uncover new ways to meet your risk management requirements. We will share insights regarding new guidelines as we are able.

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