Common Equipment Malfunctions on Mobile Cranes

Anything mechanical can malfunction, no matter how well maintained and frequently inspected.

As mobile crane insurance providers, we’ve heard stories from crane operators and construction workers who faced the unexpected despite their dedication to crane safety.

Here are some of the most common mobile crane equipment malfunctions to watch for:

– Wear and tear on component parts that were not identified or addressed during routine maintenance (from brakes to hydraulics)

– Oil leaks damaging gear boxes

– Electrical component failure (sometimes from something as simple as contacts that need cleaning!)

– Worn ropes (watch out for swinging loads – which are a safety hazard that can wear out ropes)

– Damaging mechanical parts due to strain with heavier than recommended lift loads

– Improperly or inadequately lubricated gears, bearings, hoist ropes, and load chains

It’s essential to have well-trained and qualified crane operators who understand the importance of being vigilant about daily inspections. A thorough crane inspection and robust maintenance program on all mobile crane components will minimize the risk of a crane failure – and ideally, reduce downtime for necessary repairs.

Productivity is important, but never at the risk of safety.

Proper inspections by competent crane inspectors are also an important consideration should you ever need to defend your company against liability for an equipment malfunction.

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